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Corbett’s Silent Valley Tour

Corbett’s Silent Valley Tour

Corbett’s Silent valley in Deema Range adjoining Corbett national park is one of the most beautiful yet unexplored area of Corbett Landscape. It offers views of picturesque valley, pristine river, sand beaches and dense forest. The location represents Corbett landscape in the purest form. There is plenty of wildlife present around the valley and during the trip, one has the opportunity to spot variety of birds and animals.

Hotel / Portal / Agency conducts these tours along with trained local guides to make it completely safe for the guests. A permanent setup is created at the location which hosts the meals of the guests and makes it more comfortable for the guests. To keep it more engaging we have included bamboo raft crossing and fun activities in the itinerary. The place is huge enough and ensure privacy of guests is uninterrupted.

Overall it is one amazing option for families to spend half a fun filled day amidst pure nature


Guests will be picked up from their resort in a private open gypsy. To reach the location guests need to walk around 2 kms, which also is the reason that the place still remains beautiful and pure. Guests will be again dropped at their resort after the end of the trip.

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