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Mohaan Man-Eater Trail

Mohaan Man-Eater Trail

In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks. This trek of Corbett is one of the most picturesque trek, which covers a wide variety of terrains and foliage. The trails used in this trek is the same trail used by Jim Corbett to shoot Man eater of Mohan at Katt Ki Naav village. So our trek starts from Katt ki Naav at an altitude of 1200 meters from sea levels. The trek ends at another village called bhakrakot at an altitude of 550 meters. Hotel / Portal / Agency conducts these trek in association with local experienced guides and safety of trekkers is well taken care of.

As mentioned the trek covers almost all types of terrains in corbett, it starts with hilly terrain and open meadows, passing through small villages with as few as 3 to 4 houses living in the mid of forest and towards the end entering into the forest and river beds.

In terms of wildlife spotting, one has the opportunity to spot all types of wildlife including the ones which stay at hills like ghorals and ones which live in dense forests. The trek is also paradise for bird watchers and provides opportunity to spot exotic Birds.

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