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Powered Paragliding @ Corbett

Powered Paragliding @ Corbett

A Para motor trike is a three wheeled machine with a Paraglider. Powered Paragliding is the safest, cheapest, and most convenient way to have flying experience. Flying in open cockpit with safety measures gives you a wholly different flying feeling. Many factors like weight, age, physical ability, takeoff elevation, and flying-style determine which gear is best suited for an individual. Most people are familiar with Parasailing, Sky-Diving, Base Jumping, or Wing Suits. Powered Paragliding however, is still a foreign concept to many people and you don’t have to be a “thrill-seeker” to enjoy it. Powered Paragliding is all about “low and slow leisure flight.

Power paragliding starts at Choi village where the take off and landing site is located. Post that based on the direction of wind, there are three different circuits. These circuits have a beautiful bird eye view of forests, villages and orchards. The activity is considered pretty safe and is very popular in many countries.


Guests are supposed to reach the takeoff site on their own vehicle, which is located at choi village around 10 kms from Ramnagar.

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